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Serve God

Joyce Meyer (13)

So, where’s the joy in the church?  Why do we have so many unhappy Christians? (preach it!) It’s right there. You don’t need to wonder anymore why you’re not happy. It’s not your little house and your old car, it’s not because you didn’t get the promotion at work and it’s not all the other people in your life that you wish were spiritual giants and they’re not. If you know these things, happy are you if you do them. (hallelujah!) (yes!) One more time:  if you know these things — and after today you cannot say you don’t know. (amen!) (applause) sorry, you lost all your excuses. “I’ve got problems of my own.

I need to get myself straightened out first.” no-no-no-no-no-no-no. You don’t have any ability to straighten yourself out. Forget that. What you need to do is deposit yourself with god, ask him to straighten you out, and you need to get busy sowing seeds into somebody else’s life so God can bring a harvest in your own. (applause)  can I give you a secret? The less you think about yourself, the happier you’re going to be. (applause) now, I don’t mean not to do things for yourself. I don’t mean not to take care of yourself. There’s a balance in everything.

You don’t need to go around all day long like that little robot I do for you on TV, just saying all day: what about me?  What about me? What about me?  What about me? What about me?  Beep-beep. What about me?  What about me? What about me?  (applause) get yourself off your mind! (amen!) Start washing some feet. Well, what if they stink? (laughing) some of the things that God asks you to do may not be the prettiest things in the world and they may not be the most pleasant things in the world but do them.  You’d be amazed how many divine appointments you’re missing because you don’t know what might be waiting for you, what miracle may be waiting for you at that little unpleasant foot-washing task.

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