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Joyce Meyer (3)

If you’re praying for me, that’s one of the most important things I need.  One of the most important people in my life is my housekeeper. She’s the one who packs me for these trips and unpacks it all when I get home. She’s the one who helps take care of all these clothes that you like to look at. She’s the one who just makes sure that all the details are covered and she’s a very important person to me. Another young woman who works for me is like a personal assistant and she does a lot of things for me. I have an elderly mom and dad and an aunt, all of whom I’m responsible to take care of and just in doctor appointments alone, it takes up sometimes 3 and 4 and 5 days a month. This girl works for me. I pay her personally.

The ministry doesn’t pay her. She helps me with them and she has a gift with the elderly. They’ve known her for years. She takes care of their hair. She takes them to the doctor appointments and helps get groceries and does different things like that. She is extremely valuable to me. Can you imagine what kind of pressure that would put on me if I had to try to do all that? So, i help with the financial part of that and she helps with the labor part of that.

Don’t ever think if you’re doing things like that — just things that would come under the category of washing feet — that it makes you not a valuable person.  You are so valuable! Most people won’t do anything unless they’re getting a lot of credit and unless somebody’s making a lot of noise about it because to be honest with you, most of us still are learning how to do what we do unto the lord and not to be admired and appreciated. The people you’re doing things for should appreciate you but even if they don’t, you should still do what God has asked you to do and do it unto him. Loving people to the highest degree is serving them. Jesus was able to do it because he knew who he was.

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