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Everybody has a Circumstance

Joyce Meyer (1)

Joyce Meyer means that you take a chance. Faith means that you step out and find out. Faith means that you’re willing to even be wrong if that’s what you have to do to find out what the next step is that god has for you. Applause: anyway, so this man had always been a pastor and he started getting something else in his heart.  He felt like he wanted to teach the bible in college. “Oh no, but I’m a pastor.” so he couldn’t reconcile what he was used to and what made sense, to what he was feeling in his heart. Joyce Meyer Ministries says that so he wrestled and he wrestled and he wrestled and he wrestled, and it came down to the point where he had to make a decision.

Joyce Meyer Online stated that he had an epiphany moment with god where god said to him, “know this, whatever you choose, I’ll be with you.” and you know what? That kind of freedom scares us because we cannot imagine a god like that because we still have this idea that God is in heaven with his hammer saying, “you better do this and you better do exactly this, and if you don’t do exactly this, you are going to be in big trouble.” laughing: so here we are: what if I miss god? What if I miss God? What if I miss god? Oh, I’m so afraid to make a mistake.  Oh, god, please, show me what you want me to do, what you want me to do… Can I get a witness from any human being here? But see, the whole thing is, and I’m not suggesting that you start doing stupid stuff but the whole thing is 95 percent of what you’re supposed to do is in the word.

Joyce Meyer Ministries stated that the other five percent is yours to be creative with and kind of find out. I didn’t know I was going to preach.  I was a bookkeeper and an office manager and a nut. laughing: I remember one time we had missions Sunday. And you know, I loved God. I mean, I was stupid but I loved god. I didn’t know anything because I hadn’t heard much of the word, so I just kept living in misery even though I was born again. And that’s why I have such a passion to help people really enjoy the life that Jesus died to give them because I think with everything he went through and for you to stay miserable, that’s a tragedy. It’s just a tragedy. But I know how much the devil does not want you to enjoy your life.  And I know if you’re going to enjoy your life, you’re going to have to fight the good fight. You’re going to have to be determined, and you’re going to have to locate the joy-stealers in your life. “well, it’s my circumstances.” no, it’s not; it’s your attitude toward your circumstances. Everybody has a circumstance.

Joyce Meyer Online – It was great because I wanted him to be in a class where everything was all wonderful and perfect, but the lord taught him and the lord taught me, “no, you’re to be that light for that little boy so that he can feel the love of God.

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