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Letting God into Every Room of Your Heart-Part 2

Joyce Meyer (10)

If God is to make His “home” in us, here are some “rooms” we may need to give Him access to:

The Study or the Library: Your Mind. What kind of things do you think about? The more you think of something, the more it becomes a part of you. In fact, your thoughts set the course for your life. God knows what we’re thinking, so let’s focus on things that He wants us to think—things that are noble, pure, trustworthy, admirable…(see Philippians 4:8). And remember, you can choose what you think about. So when the devil tries to interject thoughts in your mind, you don’t have to just take them.

Dining Room: Our Desires. We need to come to the point where we can say “God, I only want what You want, and if I’m asking for something You don’t want me to have, then don’t give it to me.” Our desires can cause the biggest problems in our life—especially when someone else gets something we want. But God wants us to be happy for others when they are blessed and trust that He’ll do what is best for us at the right time.

The Living or Family Room: Your Friends. Who are your friends? What do you talk about when you’re with your friends? I’m talking here about the people you spend your time with and those you open your heart to. Does your conversation put a smile on God’s face…or does it grieve Him? Get together with people who love the Word of God and be creative with how you help others. Because there’s one thing for sure: when you get your mind off yourself and focus on blessing someone else, you’ll get happier than you’ve ever been!

The Workroom: Your Legacy. Are you bearing good fruit…or are you just taking up space? I encourage you to work with excellence and integrity. When you choose not to gossip at work, waste company time or participate in things that wouldn’t please Him, then you honor God. And when you honor God, then He will honor you. Remember: We need to do what’s right because it’s right, even when no one’s looking…because God is always with us.

Recreation Room: Your Entertainment. Do you let God decide what movies you watch, the music you listen to or the things you read? There is nothing wrong with having a good time, but our choices also need to honor Him. Likewise, we have to be careful about how much time we devote to entertainment. When it takes a stronger priority in our life than it should, there’s a problem. It’s not that you can’t have any fun; you just need to choose what is best for you and is pleasing to God.

The Hall, Closet, Attic, Garage or Basement: Hidden Things. This is where we hide all those things we don’t think we’ll use again, but we hold on to them just in case…things like self-pity or unforgiveness. God dealt strongly with me about self-pity. But even after I officially gave it up, I put it somewhere in that back closet of my life just in case I wanted to have just one more pity party. How about getting rid of everything that’s not pleasing to God?

Only with God’s Help

What are you holding on to that needs to go? You can’t do any of it without God. Ask Him to help you get rid of everything in the rooms of your life that aren’t pleasing to Him. If you do it in God’s timing and by His grace, it’ll be so much easier. If you try to do it on your own, you’ll be frustrated and miserable with your striving.

Jesus is a divine guest inside of you all the time—one who loves, understands, sees and hears you. He wants to live in oneness with you…to be the centerpiece of everything you do. But, ultimately, the choice is up to you. Will you make Him welcome in every room of your house?


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