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The Very Presence Of God

Joyce Meyer (1)

Mark: There’s really so much in the bible about the importance of just the blood. From the Old Testament to the New Testament, much is made of the blood. You can see in the New Testament that when Jesus shed his blood, Hebrews 9:12 says that he took his blood into the heavenly holy of holies and he obtained eternal redemption for us, so everything Jesus did, he did it for us and it’s set to the credit of our account that it belongs to us. So, with his blood, he purchased our eternal redemption. With his blood. It makes it powerful. The blood is powerful in heaven and the blood is powerful in the earth, the blood is powerful against the devil. The blood is powerful to give us access to the holy of holies and the very presence of god.

Joyce: One of the things I like to think about concerning the blood of Jesus that kind of helps bring it to a practical level for me is that the bible says the life is in the blood. We know that once a person loses their blood, they lose their life. They can’t stay alive anymore. The bible also teaches us that only life will swallow up death, that death is swallowed up in life, so I like to think about the fact that if the life is in the blood, which it says even in the old testament, that when Jesus poured his blood out and we put our faith in that blood, that’s like putting our faith in a life that is now strong enough to swallow up anything that resembles or partakes of death in our life.  That’s not just like laying down and dying but its disease, misery, depression, all these different things the enemy uses to try to make us miserable. The fact is the devil is afraid of the blood. He might not be afraid of me or you but he is afraid of the blood.

Mark: And Revelation 12:11 says that they overcame satan through the blood of the lamb and through the word of their testimony, so the blood of Jesus has power to stop the devil. When we as believers learn how to plead the blood or to apply the blood of Jesus by faith, then that stops the devil and the Holy Spirit is constantly reminding us to use our authority and to apply that blood by faith over our families, over our minds, over our future, over our possessions, over our children. The blood of Jesus has so many applications because it contains everything that’s in Christ and everything God has done for us in him.

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