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The Blood Is Powerful

Joyce Meyer (3)

Joyce: The blood is powerful but it’s when we put our faith in that shed blood that it becomes really powerful. So for me to apply the blood of Jesus by faith over my children, that’s like a covering over their lives that when the devil sees that covering, then he has to back off.

Mark: all the way from exodus chapter 3 where Moses comes to bring the children of Israel out of Egypt and he says “you take the blood and apply it over the doorposts of your house,” so the blood has to be applied. In the Old Testament, it was literally applied even over the doorposts of their house so the destruction could not get into their house but it had to be applied. In the New Testament, that blood is applied by faith and faith — I like to say it this way: there is no such thing as ignorant faith, so faith begins when you know what the blood of Jesus has done for you.  And there’s no such thing as silent faith. The moment you know what the blood has done for you, then you lift your voice in faith with great expectation, with great confidence that Jesus has already taken care of it and the enemy is stopped.

Joyce: The bible says that we’ve been purchased with a price, with a preciousness and that price we have been purchased with is that pure, sinless, innocent blood of Jesus Christ. So when you think about that god let his son go through that terrible death on the cross because he loved you so much that he was willing to pay that price, you have been purchased with a preciousness so the bible says you’re not your own. You’ve been bought with a price so we belong to god.

Mark Hankins: We belong to him and so we can tell the devil “no trespassing! We belong to Jesus!” the blood of Jesus contains the measure of god’s love for us. The blood of Jesus contains the measure of the standing that Jesus has produced for us with god. A few years ago, i got a larger life insurance policy and they said “we’re not gonna give you a life insurance policy this large without taking your blood” so they took my blood out of this arm and they kept taking blood, then they sent my blood off to a laboratory, put it under a high-powered microscope because they want to find out what’s in my blood because my blood will tell a lot about me. I was surprised because after a few days they actually sent me a printout of everything that was in my blood to determine how healthy I was, and I thought: that’s amazing! Before they would give me the life insurance policy, they had to examine my blood, then they sent me a printout of all the ingredients that were in my blood. And I thought that’s amazing because after Jesus died and rose from the dead, god took his blood to the heavenly laboratory, put it under a high-powered microscope and then he gave us a printout of everything that’s in that blood. That means there’s righteousness in that blood, there’s peace in that blood, there’s joy in that blood. There’s more than just forgiveness. Everything Christ has done is in his blood and we’ve got the printout. So faith just simply examines the scriptures, finds out what God says is in the blood, and then pleads or applies that blood to our own lives.

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