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God Will Restore!

Joyce Meyer (21)

Pastor Billy Joe: God will restore!

Joyce Meyer: God will restore you. And in Isaiah 61, something that I have based a lot of my life on: “for your former trouble, I will give you a two-fold recompense. I will give you a double reward.” so I always say, “you can get double for your trouble if you’ll put your trust in god and stop trying to collect from people who cannot pay you.”

Pastor Billy Joe: A choice to be made.

Joyce Meyer: Choice to be made. And I believe that people today can make it. Why don’t you pray for our viewing audience that needs to forgive.

Pastor Billy Joe: I pray for the power of the spirit of god to come in you now. That you would hear god’s spirit saying to you, “I have forgiven you. Now it’s time to forgive others.” if you’ve never received forgiveness, that’s a beginning point, to say, “Lord, I receive your forgiveness today. I receive your love. Jesus, you are my lord.” you just pray those words. Now whoever comes to your mind that you need to forgive, you whisper their name out just declaring, “father, in the name of Jesus, I forgive…” and you call their name. Call it out right there. It may be a company, it may be a group at the church, it may be some governmental agency, it may be a family member, a schoolmate, whoever. The holy spirit is the one who will bring up on the screen of your mind and your heart those whom you have harbored bitterness, resentment or offense inside of you. And right now he’s going to bring out many people; don’t just stop with one if something else comes. We’re not trying to put anything on you that is not there. We’re just saying you listen to the spirit of God.

Joyce Meyer said that if a thought comes to your mind, you declare it, “is forgive in Jesus’ name.” now I pray for the spirit of forgiveness to envelope your life. As you receive forgiveness, you give forgiveness — you receive, you give. This is the law of sowing and reaping. Those that sow in mercy are going to reap mercy. And today is the day for you to plant seeds of mercy in the lives of others so that you reap mercy. Jesus said, “if you do not forgive, neither will your father in heaven forgive you.” now that’s an awesome thing, that today, Joyce, we’re talking about a heaven or hell issue. People say, “well, if I feel like it.” no. If you don’t forgive, this is one issue where a person is not forgiven. And without forgiveness, how can a person enter heaven?

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