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The Washing Of The Feet

Joyce Meyer (23)

John 13:4: He got up from supper, took off his garments, took a servant’s towel, fastened it around his waist. (v. 5) poured water into the washbasin and began to wash the disciples’ feet and wiped them with the servant’s towel with which he was girded. (v. 6) when he came to Simon peter, peter said to him, lord, are my feet to be washed by you? [is it for you to wash my feet?] (v. 7 ) and Jesus said to him, you do not understand now what I’m doing, but you will understand later. (v. 8 ) peter said to him, you shall never wash my feet! Jesus answered him, unless I wash you, you have no part with me [you have no share in companionship with me].

Do you realize what that’s saying?  If we don’t do things for one another and there are two sides to this: people need to do things for others and others need to learn how to receive. Some people don’t know how to receive when you’re trying to do something for them and that’s equally bad.  Oh, no!  Oh, no! You just say:  wow!  Thank you! I appreciate that! I tell people all the time I’ve learned how to receive. Don’t come around offering me something, hoping I won’t take it because I will. (laughing)

Get rid of that holy, phony, religious act. You know you want it.  Take it. (laughing) don’t sit there and act like you don’t and make somebody try to talk you into it. Just say:  wow!  Praise god! I’ve been believing for that. Thank you! (laughing) I’m telling the truth and you know it. Get rid of that false humility. Some of you are disappointed if the person doesn’t try to talk you into it, just like:  okay. Well! (laughing) we don’t have any part in each other if we don’t serve each other.

How can I say Jacque and I have fellowship if she just works for me and I know she has a need and won’t get involved in the need? We need to be serving one another. Then he goes on and says: I’ve done this as an example to you, that you might do in your turn what I’ve done to others. I love verse 17: (John 13:17) if you know these things… How many of you know that you should be serving others? How man

y of you know that? You know that being a servant is the high call on our life? That’s what the word “minister” means, by the way. Minister doesn’t mean I’m a big shot, it means I’m a servant. A big shot is just a little shot away from home anyway. (laughing) it’s amazing how unimpressed the folks at home are with me. People come to my kids: what’s it like to have Joyce Meyer for your mother? She’s just my mother. (laughing) you know, just mom. (Joyce chuckles) (laughing) (John 13:17) if you know these things, blessed and happy and to be envied are you if you practice them.

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