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The Best Thing

Joyce Meyer (3)

Joyce Meyer said that people that he came to save, people who should have loved him, accepted him and received him, should have known who he was and why he was there, but they didn’t. And he chose to do it. There was pain in his body. There was rejection that was coming at his mind.  His soul was afflicted with the torment of the world of sin that was placed upon him. And in that moment he chose to do it. I keep saying that word because there are people right now who are hearing this who must make a choice. People say, “how do I do that?” you choose and then you say it: “I choose to forgive you.” someone says, “I can’t say it; I don’t feel that.” well, sometimes we brush our teeth when we don’t feel like it, we get up out of bed when we don’t feel like it.

Joyce Meyer says that we do a whole lot of things we don’t feel like because we know it’s the best thing for us. That’s the way forgiveness is. We know that if I keep bitterness or resentment in my life, it’s going to poison my future. The scripture talks of it like a cancer — bitterness, the root of bitterness, eats from the inside out. When people get into bitterness, they don’t just have an issue within themselves of that bitterness; it opens the door for a lot of other tragedy. When you do studies in alcoholism, in drug addiction, studies have been done in prostitution, and they found in almost… You get in a 90 percent range that people who have gone in those areas can be traced back to some offense where there was bitterness that then opened the door to the habits.

Joyce Meyer Ministries: You were talking about how this decision is not a feeling. And I like what the amplified bible says forgiveness is. It says, “drop it, leave it, and let it go.” when you forgive someone, a lot of times they couldn’t care less — they don’t even want your forgiveness. But when you forgive someone, you’re releasing yourself from the bitterness, the anguish, the agony of having to have that on your mind all the time. How awful it is to wake up every morning and your beginning thoughts of the day are what this person did to you and how angry you are, and what you’re going to do about it, and how you’re going to take care of this thing.

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