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The Blood Of Jesus

Joyce Meyer (2)

Joyce: We might say that this wonderful book full of god’s word is our life insurance policy because Jesus said “my words, they are spirit and they are life.” so when we apply the blood and I think that term “plead the blood” is perhaps more of an older pentecostal term that a lot of people watching today might not really connect with, so I want to make sure they understand that we apply that blood by faith, once again using that example of how the Israelite were told by God to apply the blood to the sides and the top of the doors and that when the angel of death came by everybody else’s firstborn was gonna get killed but he said, “i will pass over you.

Mark: When I see the blood –

Joyce: When I see the blood, I will pass over you.” but that blood had to be applied.  Even when you think about the old covenant and all the blood sacrifices, the animal sacrifices, but now we have one final sacrifice good for all times that by his blood we’ve been forever and completely cleansed and by that blood we can enter in boldly – boldly before the throne of god and let him know what we need, repent of our sins and have great fellowship and communion with him. It’s just almost too good to believe, isn’t it?

Mark: Jesus did the hard part. All you and I do is simply believe and apply by faith. Actually my momma used to do this all the time. My momma would always say, “I plead the blood of Jesus. I plead the blood of Jesus.” one time I brought home a girlfriend from high school. My momma didn’t really think she was for me; she was a little too sassy, I guess. Momma said, “I plead the blood of Jesus!”  then she said, “now mark, you may get what you want but you may not want what you get.” so, she said “I plead the blood of Jesus” even against my own desires as a young man. So when she said “I plead the blood,” I thought: what is she doing? The word “plead” is really a legal term that simply means that the Holy Spirit is your advocate, he’s your lawyer, so the Holy Spirit will teach you and show you how to plead because we know all of us are guilty.

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