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Learn to Know God as “The Lord Who Heals You”

Joyce Meyer (8)

Several years ago, God convicted me about how I needed to take better care of myself and exercise regularly. So I’ve been making a consistent effort to work out, and I’ve noticed some exciting changes and improvements in my health. I actually have muscles now that I didn’t know I had before

I can honestly say I feel better now and have more energy these days than I did when I was younger – and I’m in my late sixties. But I’ve had my share of health problems through the years. Many years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer and had to go through surgery; there have also been other “hormone” issues and I ended up having a hysterectomy. And I’ve also experienced common illnesses like many people do. In fact, recently, I’ve been dealing with a back problem that hasn’t been easy to fix. So I understand what it’s like to be sick and frustrated or scared by it. And at times God has directed me to go to doctors and use medicine, which I’m grateful I could have. At other times, He’s asked me to just trust Him and wait on Him. The bottom line is, God always wants me to depend on Him and put my trust in Him for my healing – whatever my problem may be.

I remember when God spoke to my heart that if I will spend five minutes a day waiting on Him, He will give me the healing I need. I managed to do it for a few days before I decided I didn’t have time to do it every day. But then I realized if I’m willing to go sit in a doctor’s office and wait as long as I have to for an appointment, which usually takes a lot longer than five minutes, how can I say I don’t have time to wait on God for healing just five minutes every day? I can tell you since I’ve started doing it again, may back is probably 95 percent better.

Along with putting our trust in God, we also have to use common sense. We have to take responsibility for taking care of ourselves. This means getting the stress out of your life, resting when you need to, cutting things out of your schedule that God is not asking you to do, eating healthy food, exercising regularly and getting the right amount of sleep you need on a consistent basis. This information probably isn’t new to you, but it’s important for us to get it that when we do our part, we can then expect God to give us His healing power, energy and strength. And when we find ourselves sick and hurting because we haven’t done what we were supposed to do, we just need to confess it to God, repent of it, receive His forgiveness and ask Him to help us make better choices and honor Him in our bodies.

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