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She’s Beautiful

Joyce Meyer (19)

Tharina: I said, “bubba, it’s me.” he said, “it’s about time you called. Where are you, baby?” I said, “I’m in trouble. I’m in phoenix. I’m going to have a baby in a month or two and I don’t know what to do.” he said, “get on the next airplane. Joyce Meyer says  I’ll send you a ticket.”

Narrator: two months after she moved in with her brother, her daughter was born.

When Joyce Meyer online came out, she looked normal. I counted her toes and fingers that every parent, regardless of what kind of pregnancy, does. I asked them, “can you check her? Can you check her?” can you check her?” they did something called an apgar.

I remember them doing an apgar on her. I said, “do it all. Do whatever you have to do.” they came back and put her in my arms and said “she’s beautiful.” she responded. She got all nines on this; ten is the best that she can get. They put her in my arms. It was the first time I had ever held a baby, any baby. Joyce Meyer ministries reached up and grabbed my little finger and I remember her hand just going around my finger. I remember looking down at her and at that moment is when I knew that no matter what it took, no matter how hard it was, no matter what pain was involved that I was going to overcome everything of my childhood and everything of my past.

Narrator: Tharina moved in with her grandmother in Kansas giving her and her baby a fresh start.

Joyce Meyer – people have been so turned off by that. I think a lot of people have even tried going to a church and they’ve had a bad experience, so now they think God can’t help them when really they didn’t encounter god at all; they encountered a lot of religious rules and regulations.

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