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Trust God

Joyce Meyer (23)

Joyce Meyer said that then maybe we would say “well, God, I was believing for you to promote me, so is there a reason why you haven’t? Is there something I need to learn?” but we never get to what we’re supposed to learn because we’re too busy being concerned about what somebody else has that we wanted. Now we’re mad at them, we’re mad at the boss, and we’re just mad and life stinks but we’re going to church Sunday and we’re gonna get some more Joyce Meyer tapes. (laughing) do you ever have a day where you’re just having the lousiest day and you’re just stinkin’ hard to get along with all day and everything aggravates you and irritates you and for the life of you, you can’t figure out what it is? (yes!) You know what I’ve learned? If you get really honest with god, he will show you what it is.

Joyce Meyer ministries says it may have been something that you disobeyed him about yesterday that you knew down here that god was telling you to do something but you quickly reasoned out why surely that wasn’t God, so you went ahead and did what you felt like anyway but now you’re trying to live your nice little life but you have this thing aggravating you down here, so because you have something aggravating you in your spirit, now every time you open your mouth, it comes out.

But instead of facing the truth, getting forgiveness and being set free, now it’s everybody else’s fault. Joyce Meyer online said that it’s the old people driving in the traffic who shouldn’t have a driver’s license anyway and it’s your co-worker who got the job you were believing for. (laughing) I wonder how many times we go through a day getting mad at everybody else and we end up with a big mess in our spirit that ends up keeping us awake at night and we don’t even understand what’s going on and it’s all because we don’t take time to settle down long enough to say: god, what is my problem? (applause) I’m preaching good. You’d better clap. (laughing) alright, let’s get around to this story before it’s time to close and I still haven’t told it. (laughing) I’m gonna read a little here and will make a few comments as I go. Luke 15:11: and he said, there was a certain man who had two sons. (vs. 12)

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