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Live a simple life by Joyce Meyer

So, when I really started determining to live a simple life, it really was not a simple process to learn how to live a simple life because I had so many bad, complicated habits that I had to just keep working with God and letting him work with me to even get to the point where I know a hundred things to say about simplicity. But they all involved not my circumstance changing but me changing my approach to how I looked at things, how I talked about things, how I decided to view things.

John: They’re simple to understand but they’re not simple to apply. The application has to be intentional. Now, what the book is going to do though, Joyce, I can tell as I started looking at it yesterday, what your book is going to do is create margins in people’s lives. Our problem is we’re at such a heavy pace and we compound our life, we have no give-room, we have no margin, so that if something does go wrong, now we are underneath this rubble of stuff. And what’s going to happen is they’re going to begin — bite one of them off at a time — their margins are going to begin to increase until sometime in the future their life is going to be able to handle those tough times because they have some flexibility and a little bit of emotional margin.

Joyce: I know that I am a very, very different person. I know that you’ve had the same experience through the course of the years of your life. We really can enjoy every single day of our life if we will take the right approach to it. I just want to tell you that you have written a lot of great books and made a lot of wonderful material available for people; a lot of great stuff in leadership and a lot of real practical stuff.

Joyce Meyer: So, I just want to encourage you, our viewers, any time you see a John Maxwell book, it’s worth reading. We’re going to take a break and when we come back, I’ll have some final words of encouragement for you, so please don’t go away.

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