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The truth by Joyce Meyer

Everything’s not gonna change overnight but I promise you that god will never give up on you, so if you don’t give up on him, you are in for a big victory.  There’s no way that you can fail! Amen! No way you can fail! (applause) so I’m gonna pray with you right now and I’m gonna tell you the truth: what you’re doing when you pray this prayer is giving your life away so if you’re not ready for that, you’re kind of in the wrong line because i’m not just trying to slap a little religion on you here. I’m telling you the truth. You’re saying: that’s it. I want the exchange. I’m giving my life to you, god, and i want you to give your life to me.  You take me and do what you want to with me because the truth of the matter is you don’t belong to yourself anyway; you’ve just been living like you have. God created you and only he can make you happy, so pray this prayer with me and really mean it, then we’re gonna give you a book.  I wish I could do more for you but let me tell you something: you call my office anytime you want to and we’ll have people pray with you, answer any question you have, talk to you, tell you what material to get for what problem, but this is a beginning for you so let’s pray. Say: father god, I love you. Jesus, I believe in you. I believe you’re the savior of the world. I believe you died for me. You shed your blood for me. You paid for my sins. Thank you. I’ve been a sinner. I’m sorry for the way I’ve lived.  Please forgive me. Jesus, I receive you now, right now. Come and live inside of me. I give myself to you. Take me just the way I am. Now make me what you want me to be.

Joyce Meyer Ministries – Now I believe I’m saved, I believe you’re living in me, you love me, I have got a brand-new start, a new day. I’m excited! I’m on my way to heaven but i’m gonna enjoy the trip. Come on now, give god praise. Amen!  Whoo!  Hallelujah!

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