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Gives glory to God by Joyce Meyer

Joyce Meyer says, some things I may get a handle on right away, some might take me a few hours, some might even take me a day or two but I’m telling you right now, in Christ we always triumph if we decide to. You know what? You can smile whether you feel like it or not. Just try it. Go look at yourself in the morning and just go… You’ll make yourself feel better. You might even laugh! The glory of God is man fully alive. When I talk about this being fully alive, I don’t mean that you have to giggle through the day. I don’t mean you have to be like this radical… Whew! Hoo! Hoo! I’m talking about putting your whole heart into everything you do. And I’m talking about giving a good report. And when people say, “how are you?” you say, “doing great in Jesus! Happy, blessed, glad I’m saved,” or whatever you want to say, but not this always have something new to complain about. Psalm 115:17 says: the dead praise not the Lord… So nothing dead gives glory to God — not a dead attitude, not dead words. And if there’s anything we need to do, we need to learn how to discern life from death. We need to know when we’re touching life, and we need to know when we’re touching death, and if we’re touching death and we know that doesn’t praise the Lord, then we need to just say, “I don’t have anything to do with that.”Joyce Meyer Ministries teaches us that in Matthew 8:22 Jesus said to a guy, “follow me.” “Well, Lord, my father’s getting old and he’s probably going to die soon, so can I bury him first and then I’ll follow you.” Do you know what Jesus said? “Let the dead bury the dead; you follow me.” Some of you are still messing around with dead stuff that God got finished with so long ago that when you talk to him about it, he doesn’t even know what you’re talking about. I have a revelation for you: if the horse has been dead 10 years, dismount. Joyce Meyer said that it is time to get off and get a new ride. You’ve heard that saying, “beating a dead horse. Beating a dead horse.” It’s like you’re still mad about something somebody did 20 years ago; just get over it. They don’t care that you’re mad. They’re out having a good time.

Joyce Meyer Online: He went to his locker, pulled down the paper, put the answer in and then continued it — but he was on hold for two days.

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