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The ladder of success by Joyce Meyer

Joyce Meyer asks us, are you too busy trying to climb the ladder of success only to get to the top of the ladder and find out your ladder’s leaning against the wrong building? Are you failing to pay attention to some of the most precious relationships in your life because you’re so busy trying to succeed in the business world? When you’re on your deathbed you’re not going to ask for your bank balance, I can promise you that. You’re going to want your friends. Are you killing yourself with stress because you’re trying to have another and another and another and more and another and another? Are you too busy to pray? Are you too busy to fellowship with God? Are you too busy to do acts of kindness for one another? Are you entangled in the affairs of civilian life? Joyce Meyer Online tells us that if all we can do is worry about our stuff and how to get more, and how to take care of what we have, and worry about what people think of us, worry about this and worry about that, and be involved all tangled up in our own problems… You can even get entangled in somebody else’s problems and it will keep you from acting like a soldier in the army of God. This has nothing to do with my message but I’ll give it to you free: you cannot help somebody who does not want to be helped. I think we all fall into that, and I’ve certainly been guilty because I’m a rescuer and I finally realized that Jesus didn’t go around trying to make people let him help them. He helped those who came to him and wanted help and were ready for help. So just be careful about getting entangled in somebody else’s mess and spending your time trying to see their life improve when you want it more than they do.

Joyce Meyer Ministries: Two days later I forgot about it. As I thought about it, I found the answer, I went to him and said, “this is the answer.”

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