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The goodness of God

Joyce Meyer (18)

Joyce Meyer Ministries says that that’s not what I’m talking about. But I’m talking about to be able to say: I have this problem, this problem, this problem, and this problem. I love God. I want him to fix every one of them. I’m before God all the time asking him to do what needs to be done in my life and I am on my way. I’ve not arrived but I’m going to enjoy the journey, and part of enjoying the journey is to enjoy myself. Turn the person next to you, look them right in the eyes and say Joyce Meyer stated that I don’t have to be like you to like myself either! Amen? Amen!:  Man! I had one of the saddest things happen last year. It was during the Christmas holidays and I was shopping. I bought something in a store and the lady said to me: “I watch you on tv but I’m not a Christian. I used to be but now I’ve become a…” And she named this false religion which doesn’t worship the one true God and believe in Jesus. I said: “Well…” she said: I really enjoy your program but I’m not a Christian. And, um, well… Hope you’re not just too comfortable watching me. She seemed pretty friendly. I said, “what do you find attractive about this that you felt was worth giving up Christianity for?” You know what she said to me? She said, “I just felt like when I went to church, I was always made to feel bad about myself and everything I was doing wrong. Joyce Meyer teaches us that this particular religion teaches me that I’m good; I have goodness in me.” I said, “but if you’re hearing the gospel preached the right way, Christians will also tell you that you have goodness in you but it’s not your own goodness, it’s the goodness of God that dwells in you and that God’s goodness will flow through you. Humanism says: It’s mine. I’ve got it. It’s me.

Joyce Meyer Ministries says that we’re only fooling ourselves when we say: I didn’t know any better. I didn’t know. Yes, sometimes we don’t have knowledge but a lot of times we know. We know.

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