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Follow the spirit

Joyce Meyer (2)

Zoro: Um…

Joyce Meyer Online: …Somebody that you shared with that you felt was really a key person or something that was really important for the kingdom.

Zoro: There’s been countless people that I’ve shared with, and to me anybody where I’ve seen the fruit of their life change… There’s been celebrity people that I’ve shared the Lord with who will remain nameless, but then I would begin to see the fruit and the evidence and the change in their life, and I would go, “wow, God, this is awesome,” because they’re influencers. So if I can influence influencers, we’re changing things dramatically because unfortunately people look up to Hollywood and all that stuff. I always tell young people, “do you know what? Don’t model yourself after that world.” I say, “if the flesh could satisfy, then Howard Hughes and Anna Nicole and Elvis and everybody else would have died the happiest people on the earth.” I say, “follow the spirit because the spirit is the part in you that God has given you to find him, but the flesh can’t find him.”

Joyce Meyer – And everybody is equally important — I totally agree with that — But one of the things that I do pray is that people with positions of influence will be truly born again because when you have a position of influence, immediately you can affect a lot of other people. Now we all have a sphere of influence; I don’t care who we are.  Joyce Meyer Ministries. If you’re a mother, you have influence over your children. Wherever you work, whatever you do, in the neighborhood, every single person does have an influence. And I think the question that I would like to leave our viewing audience with today is you are having an influence, but what kind of an influence are you having?


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