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To worship God

Joyce Meyer (8)

Oh, I’m liking this! “Busy” to me has become like the new four-letter word. You see somebody who used to be a great friend and you haven’t heard from him in six months: “Oh, hey — hey, sister! Hey!” You see her walking in the mall: “How are you?” “Oh, I’m fine.” “Haven’t heard from you in a long time. What’s going on?” “Oh, I’ve just been busy. Yeah, I’ll call you soon.” Whew, we need to change.  Joyce Meyer think the biggest challenge in front of us today — and I wouldn’t call it a burden but I feel the real weight of this as a teacher of God’s word — I feel like one of the greatest responsibilities that I have in front of me today, and I’m praying about this a lot, is how to teach people to live a holy life and yet not be legalistic.

Does anybody know what I’m talking about? Because you see what’s happened in our quest for freedom is we’ve forgotten that God is a Holy God and that he says, “be holy for I am holy.” And holy means that you’re separated and set apart for God’s use. Do you see this glass? This nice lovely… It’s not real crystal but it’s… I said, “get me a pretty glass.” Well, this is my glass and everybody knows that this is my glass.  Joyce Meyer Ministries states this is set apart for my water in the conferences. Now we can get this; that’s pretty simple: No, you can’t take that; that’s Joyce’s glass. Well, you belong to God.

You don’t belong to the world. You’re not here for some other person to manipulate you and tell you what you should do and make all these demands on you that keep you away from God. You have to be a God-pleaser, not a people-pleaser. You’re here to serve God, to love God, to worship God, to praise God. Now in case you’re starting to hear, “what about me?” How many of you agree that we need to pursue a new level of holiness in our society today?

Joyce Meyer – We have got some problems and somebody has to set a standard. We keep saying, “well, I wish they’d do this and I wish they’d do that.

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