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Joyce Meyer: Right now I’m sitting in the doorway of one of the brothel houses.  Right on the other side of this curtain are commercial sex workers that feel that the only way they can survive is to sell their bodies. That’s really a terrible lifestyle but the good news is through bringing people hope in Jesus Christ and another option, that can change. Your gift to missions will help us make a difference not only in these lives but in more lives here in India and all over the world. I just want to encourage you to take action right away. If you feel that god is putting it in your heart to be part of this, don’t put it off. So many times when we procrastinate, the enemy actually talks us out of doing what god put in our heart to do. You can go to your phone now or you can get on the web site and you can be part of amazing outreach worldwide that’s changing lives.

Joyce Meyer Online:  We’re asking you to help us help others with a special donation to our “hand of hope” outreaches. As a token of thanks, we’ll send you this boxed book set “joy redefined” with three hardbound minibooks helping you expand your relationship with Jesus, others and you. And if you’re able to give a donation of $500 or more, we’ll send you this leather bound “the 365 daily promise bible.” so contact us right now.

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