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Give forgiveness

Joyce Meyer (4)

Then I believe one of the next things you need to do is forgive everybody else for anything they’ve done wrong to you. I believe that forgiveness is the beginning of all healing. I want to say that again. I believe that forgiveness is the beginning of all healing. When you receive God’s forgiveness that begins the healing in your life. When you receive the love of God as a free gift, it’s almost like a salve that comes into your soul that heals all those wounds that are in there, and then if believe because you’ve been forgiven, you can now give forgiveness.

You can’t give away something you don’t have.  If you receive the love of God, then you can love God back, you can love yourself in a balanced way, and you can begin to love other people.  You can have great relationships. If you receive the forgiveness of God, then you can forgive other people.  If you receive the mercy of God, then you can give other people mercy. I’m telling you that everything you need to live a fruitful, successful, joyful, peaceful life is found in Christ Jesus so I’m asking you to make that decision today.  I’m asking you to pray with me right now and invite Jesus Christ into your life:  father God, we come to you today in Jesus’ name. I ask you to come into my heart.

Forgive my sins and come into my heart. I want Christ as my savior. I give myself to you. Do what you want to with me. I receive you now to be my lord and my savior. In Jesus’ name, amen. You know, it’s a simple prayer but it sure works in your life. If you prayed that prayer today and you meant it, then we want to give you a present; it’s a little book I’ve written called “a new way of living.” you can get that by calling the number, writing to the address, or getting on the website, and then I want to encourage you to join me next week for a look inside our missions programs and see what those of you who are partners are helping us to do and what you could help make happen for somebody else now that you know Christ as your savior.

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