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A complicated life by Joyce Meyer

John: And there’s never been a time where we need to change our thinking — like you said, life isn’t going to change; we have to change ourselves — there’s never been a time that that’s more important than right now because life isn’t going to get simpler and it’s not going to slow down, and it’s going to become more complex. So the only thing that I can do to make the change correctly to adjust is myself. Once I take that responsibility… And what’s so great about your book is these things are just bite-size pieces. It doesn’t overwhelm anybody, and you can just take it one step at a time and say, “if I just do this better it’s going to make it better.” The process of compounding all those things, one day their life will get to the place where they’ll have a simplicity about it. I think that they’ll be very effective.

Joyce: When I first started realizing that I was a very complicated person, and because I was complicated I had a complicated life, and because of that I was frustrated all the time and had no peace and it was affecting my health and all my relationships, when I thought, “okay, I’ve got to simplify my life,” — to be honest, it was difficult to even find material on that subject. You can look up the word “simple” in the bible and you’ll only find it just a couple of times. Paul said, “I fear lest Satan will beguile you and drag you out of the simplicity of Christ.” So taking that thought — the simplicity of Christ — what does that mean? The whole gospel message is so simple that a large majority of people miss it. The bible actually says: If you won’t become like a little child and just come simply and believe what I say, then you’re never going to receive this. Because if you get in your head about it, it’s not going to make any sense.

Joyce Meyer: I mean, “Jesus loves me this I know because the bible tells me so,” — not because I feel it or don’t feel it or think he should or he shouldn’t, or I deserve it or don’t deserve it. He just does and I can either receive that and believe it and be happy or I can try to figure it out.

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