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A great influence on my life by Joyce Meyer

Joyce Meyer shares here story. My mother got up every morning, combed her hair, put her makeup on, and she’d put on a fairly decent set of clothes even if she was going to just clean house that day. That’s what she did. Well, you know what? I never planned to do that. I don’t have a sign that says: Get up and get dressed. I just get up and do that. I would venture to say that in my whole entire lifetime, unless I was sick, I can remember maybe one or two days where I just kept my pajamas on all day and didn’t put any makeup on or comb my hair. I’m not putting anybody down who likes to do that. That’s not what this is about. I’m just simply saying that I followed her example and didn’t even really fully realize that’s where I got it from. Your children will end up doing a lot of the things that they see you do and you’ll end up not liking them for some of the things that you taught them. My father, on the other hand, also had a great influence on my life. He was angry, controlling, manipulative, got upset every time things didn’t go his way, and I turned out to be the exact same way and God had to work with me to overcome that. Joyce Meyer Ministries teaches us that we are having a greater influence on people than what we can ever even begin to imagine. Can somebody say amen? Amen!: The thing that influences people I believe more than anything is our words, our attitudes, our actions, our behavior, and our choices: Every choice that we make, every word that we speak, every attitude that we have.

Joyce Meyer Online- I believe you can even teach your children to stay calm in adversity just by staying calm in adversity but if they see you get upset every time something doesn’t go right, then they’re going to also get upset every time something doesn’t go right. Amen? Amen.: Your life is a message.

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