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A good influence by Joyce Meyer

Joyce Meyer shares her story. I wasn’t having a good influence on my children. I had a bad temper. I was manipulative, selfish, self-centered, controlling. I got upset every time I didn’t get my way. It doesn’t matter how many times you take your kids to church, if you’re not behaving the way that you should behave at home behind closed doors, it all becomes hypocritical to them. And actually, I believe that we can almost do more damage to call ourselves a Christian and not act like one than if we just shut up about the whole thing and don’t say anything. Whoo!: Amen? Amen.: Well, I had to come to the sad realization that I was on my way to heaven but I wasn’t going to take anybody with me. I was born again, I loved God, I knew the message of salvation by grace, and I really believed in Jesus and I believed that I would have gone to heaven. Joyce Meyer Ministries teaches us that there are going to be a lot of immature people that will be saved just barely by fire. They won’t get any reward for any real good pure works that they’ve done because works done for the wrong reason will all be burned up in the fire on judgment day. There is a reward for Christians. We won’t be judged on salvation because if we believe in Jesus, that’s it, but what we do here on the earth will be looked at and will be judged and we will receive rewards for what we’ve done or we will lose rewards for what we’ve done. I think the bible refers to it as “the great white throne judgment.” I’m not an expert in all those things but we do have to realize that there is going to come a day when we’re going to have to stand before God and give an account of our lives.  Joyce Meyerasks, why should I let you into heaven? I believe in Jesus. Okay, you’re in. Your name’s right here in the lamb’s book of life. Come in. Okay, now let’s talk about a few other things, Joyce. What have you done with your time? What did you do with your gifts and your talents? What did you do with your money? Well, I wasted that. Well, I wasted that. I was afraid so I dug a hole and I hid that because I was afraid. I was afraid.

Joyce Meyer Online – We can have or we can lose rewards but even more than being interested in what kind of reward we’re going to get when we get to heaven, I believe – and this is something we are not concerned enough about – I believe we need to be very concerned about whether or not our lives are witnessing to other people and whether or not somebody is going to stay out of hell and go to heaven because of the way we have lived.

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