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The presence of God

Joyce Meyer (2)

Joyce Meyer says that welcome back to the program. Zoro is known throughout the music world for his talent but also for his love for Jesus Christ. He says if you want to show people Jesus, you need to show them love. We want you to stay with us today and hear what he has to say about how you can be a bold witness. I always tell people, even people who are non-believers when I meet them, I say: if you were ever sitting in the presence of God, you would never want to leave. God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are so beautiful that all you would want to do is just lie there in his presence. Joyce Meyer Ministries says that when you feel his presence in another person, you will be attracted to it because God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit are irresistible. Another great way that people can witness to people, one of the hugest things and one of the biggest problems in the body of Christ is forgiving people. Letting people off the hook is the greatest revelation that God has touched your heart and God is working in your life. There’s so much resentment, bitterness, anger, frustration and jealousy. If people would just… That could just melt like icebergs, just saying, “you know what? I’ve held this grudge against you for 3 years and I’m going to let it go.” And then people go: Wow. That’s godly. That’s divine. That’s heavenly to forgive somebody. But see, I think you’re right — people really just want to talk to people and say their quick little spiel and then be gone with it because the other stuff requires work.

Joyce Meyer Online I remember when I first got into a real serious relationship with God, the church that I was going to was really big on witnessing so they took teams of people out on the streets on the weekends to pass out tracts. We would even go to the shopping centers. Joyce Meyer says  I mean, you really had a goal to lead somebody to Christ because when you got back, you were going to be asked how many people you led to the Lord.

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