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Fellowship With God

Joyce Meyer (8)

Is satan dominating your thoughts or are you guarding your heart and actively casting down wrong ones and choosing to think on right ones? Our weapons are not weapons of flesh and blood; they are spiritual.  Satan is a spirit. We’re in a spiritual war and we have to fight him in the spirit. Do you feel and act like a soldier? Do you realize that as a soldier, you cannot act like everybody else? My husband was in the army for three years and during those years that he was in the army he had to live a totally different kind of life. He had to wear a different kind of clothes.

He had different rules and regulations. He lived as a soldier. The bible tells us in 2 timothy that no soldier when he’s in service gets entangled in the affairs of civilian life. So could I just ask you tonight are you’re entangled in worldly stuff that you ought not to be entangled in? Are you too busy trying to make money? Seek God; things will seek you. Are you too busy trying to climb the ladder of success only to get to the top of the ladder and find out your ladder’s leaning against the wrong building?  (laughing)

Are you failing to pay attention to some of the most precious relationships in your life because you’re so busy trying to succeed in the business world? When you’re on your deathbed you’re not going to ask for your bank balance, I can promise you that. You’re going to want your friends.  Are you killing yourself with stress because you’re trying to have another and another and another and more and another and another? Are you too busy to pray?

Are you too busy to fellowship with God?  Are you too busy to do acts of kindness for one another? Are you entangled in the affairs of civilian life? If all we can do is worry about our stuff and how to get more, and how to take care of what we have, and worry about what people think of us, worry about this and worry about that, and be involved all tangled up in our own problems… You can even get entangled in somebody else’s problems and it will keep you from acting like a soldier in the army of God. This has nothing to do with my message but I’ll give it to you free: (laughing) you cannot help somebody who does not want to be helped. (applause)

Joyce Meyer – I remember those days when I would show up in the locker room and I would swear and my wife would hear it on tv.

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