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A Good Relationship

Joyce Meyer (11)

According to Joyce Meyer ministries to be honest, I think in a good relationship you have to do that. I’ve been married to my husband forty years and for me to sit here and tell you that he meets every need I have would be foolish because he still doesn’t. But I’ve learned that to be honest, I do like gifts and that’s not something my husband likes to go do. It’s not because he doesn’t love me; it’s just not him. But I also like acts of service and he does a lot of that. If I said to Dave at ten o’clock at night, “I really would like a bowl of frozen cherries.

Would you go to the store and get me frozen cherries?” he might look at me a little strange but he’d probably get dressed and go get the cherries. Joyce Meyer not very many people are going to do that. If I harped on it, he’d go out and run around and get me gifts all the time but he’ll buy me anything I want and if I’m out with him, he’ll say, “is there anything you want?” he just doesn’t do that, so I’ve learned to receive love from him the way he gives it to me, which is still one of my top love languages; it might just not be what I would always like him to do, but I don’t think in any relationship…

I’m sure I don’t always give him everything he would like, either. So we have to make allowances and look at what people do and not just always look at what they don’t do. I think most people really need some variety of all of these.

Gary: Yeah, I think if you give a person their primary love language in heavy doses, then the other four can be sprinkled in and they’re kind of like icing on the cake. We can receive love in all five languages but the primary is the one that really makes us feel loved. Once we feel loved, then the others can be meaningful as well, but if we don’t get the primary, the others won’t necessarily fill the bill.

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