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God Is The Father Of A Family

Joyce Meyer (1)

There may be no evidence of that but the word of god has the power to perform exactly what god says you are. God produced it in Christ. He didn’t say try to be in Christ, he didn’t say you ought to be in Christ, he didn’t say you’re someday gonna be in Christ.  He said: right now you are in him and whatever’s in him is in you, the same standing with god. You’re free from a sense of sin and guilt and inferiority. Because of the blood of Jesus, you are in Christ.

Joyce: You know I have four grown children and they don’t have one bit of problem acting like everything I have is theirs and I’m sure you experience the same thing in your life with your children. That’s because we have good relationship, we have good fellowship, we love each other. They don’t have a problem at all.  Somebody bought me a sign for mother’s day on a little tray — my son bought it  and it said “I childproofed my house but they get in anyway.” so, just because they’re grown, if you have good relationships that doesn’t mean they stop coming around or that they get any less expensive.  I think a lot of people think when they grow up, you finally won’t have to pay for everything but sometimes you find yourself helping them more. I don’t know why we can get that on this natural level but we have such a hard time believing that as joint heirs with Christ, whatever he earned and deserved, we can partake of through our relationship with him.

Mark Hankins: Yeah and when we’re born again, god is the father of a family. Jesus throughout the gospel of John, I think he mentions that God is his father over and over again.  One of my favorite statements is when they came to Jesus and they’re threatening him, Jesus would just say something simple like, “my father is greater than all. My father!”  in other words, Jesus had such a confidence that his father was greater than all, and you and I can share that same confidence because we’re in Christ. We shouldn’t even be bashful about saying everything the father has, he’s the father of mercies, he’s the father of glory, he’s the father of our Lord Jesus Christ, he’s my father and I cry Abba father, daddy god!  So everything he has belongs to me. He’s a faithful god. He’s predictable. I know what he will do. He loves me.  Matter of fact, he loves me as much as he loves Jesus.

Joyce Meyer: When I first became a real serious Christian, I was in a church that really pushed street witnessing and passing out tracts everywhere you went.

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