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Thank God by Joyce Meyer

Joyce Meyer Ministries said that you can turn them around. You changed me; you can change them. The Lord has even been challenging me, you know: Once you ask me for something, Joyce, don’t come back and just keep asking me for it over and over; just thank me that I’m working. Now, I’m not trying to make a new law here, but I’m just saying what God’s been dealing with me about: That when we ask him for something, he is faithful and he does go to work in our behalf. And just because we don’t see it or feel it, that doesn’t mean that God’s not working. So what we need to do then is start saying: God, I thank you that you are working. According to Joyce Meyer, I’m looking forward to my breakthrough. I believe it’s going to come just any time now because I believe you’re working. Not: Oh, God, I don’t know why you’re not doing anything. I don’t see anything, and I don’t feel anything. It looks to me like nothing’s ever going to change, and I’m just so down and so depressed and so discouraged. How do you think you’d feel if one of your kids needed a pair of shoes and they came to you and said: Mom, my shoes have holes in them and I need new shoes. Joyce Meyer Online, And you say: Okay, Saturday I’ll take you to get new shoes. Ten minutes later they come back: Mom, I’ve got holes in my shoes and I don’t… My feet are on the ground. When are you going to get me shoes? I already told you; we’ll go Saturday. Half an hour later: Mom, I’ve got these holes in my shoes, and my feet are on the ground and my feet are cold. I just don’t understand why you haven’t taken me to get shoes. I’m working on it, son. I’ve got a plan here. I’ve got it worked into my schedule. On Saturday you’re going to get your shoes. Joyce Meyer Ministries shows tomorrow morning: Well, mom, I don’t understand why I don’t have my shoes. What we need to say is: Thank God, Saturday’s coming! Amen?

Joyce Meyer Online: If you say that you are a Christian, they will push your buttons and do things in front of you to try to find out.

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