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Revelation by Joyce Meyer

Joyce Meyer Ministries tells us that whatever you have right now, don’t be miserable with it, don’t be so anxious to get to the next thing you believe God has for you that you don’t enjoy the journey. Learn how to enjoy where you’re at on the way to where you’re going. I didn’t do that and so I am qualified to tell you that you need to do it because it won’t make God move any faster if you’re miserable. Hello? Revelation! It will not get God to hurry because you’re miserable, full of self-pity, crying, depressed and negative. Matter of fact, if anything it will just put off your answer that much longer. Ten ways that change will not come: through struggle, through negativity, through trying to make things happen yourself apart from god – it’s called works of the flesh – frustration won’t bring change, bright ideas – don’t you love that?

If I can just leave this Joyce Meyerbook on the table open to this page, I’m going to color it in yellow and I believe that when my son sits there he’ll read that. Oh! I know what I’ll do, I’ll put little scripture papers under my husband’s pillow and when he wakes up in the morning he’ll think he’s had a visitation of God. Have you ever had any of those sudden flashes of bright ideas? You have to be careful about that stuff. That stuff that comes that suddenly, you better wait on that a little bit. That’s what the bible calls: digging empty wells that have no water in them, Jeremiah 2:13. Being mad at yourself, hating yourself, not liking yourself is not going to make you change any faster. You might as well just enjoy yourself where you’re at. Enjoy the glory you’re in because God does promise to change us, but he says how he’ll do it: from glory to glory, little by little, day after day.

Joyce Meyer says, just imagine – I thought this is a good example – just imagine the sun coming up in the morning. Gradually, little by little it overtakes the darkness until it reaches the fullness of daylight. If we just sat and watched it, it would seem like it takes forever, but as we go about our business and enjoy the day, it just happens. It’s amazing. Sometimes when I get up in the morning, it’s dark and I don’t just go to the window and just… You say: what do you do? I go make my coffee! When I come back: hey, it’s a little bit lighter. Then I go drink my coffee. I come back and wow, it’s a little bit lighter. Then I pray for a little bit and read something good. All of a sudden, it’s daylight and I’ve been enjoying myself while God’s got the sun overcoming the darkness. I believe there are so many things that God does in the universe that are signs to us of how other things function and operate. Why don’t we just have darkness and then, phtttt, light?

Joyce Meyer Online: It’s interesting how God will use us if we will just be open to letting him do that.

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